Once you schedule a portrait session, a location date and time will be agreed upon. I shoot outdoors in natural light - never in a photo studio. A naturally lit indoor space can also be an option. Whether you choose the single panel, or stitched option for the final piece, the shooting process remains the same. I'm happy to give input on best options for our shoot. I will do an initial photo edit, and then together we choose the final image with which I will create your portrait. In developing this body of work further, I experimented by printing the same photographic image on a multitude of different fabrics, cutting the fabrics apart and then hand stitching them back together again. Incorporating gold thread, a direct reference to the Japanese art of Kintsugi (in which broken pottery is repaired with gold to call extra attention to the beauty of the disruptions, while also reuniting the pieces). These works I refer to as my "stitched works. They allow for greater complexity, and richness of surface, and reference my earliest training as a painter. I considered myself mainly a painter when I moved to NYC in 1983 to study at Parsons, and feel this foundation is still very much present in my current work in that I am still  creating "paintings” by applying pigment (photographically) to cloth (patterned fabrics) to create my images.

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