The works in this section include some of the very first pieces in my ongoing photo on toile de Jouy series, a work I created in my Giverny studio 2012, and the most recent piece is the Vivienne Westwood portrait that I created in 2023 (from a photo I made with Vivienne in Milan 2001). The process remains the same, I choose photos I've taken and print them on existing fabrics. The latest development in the work being the same image printed on multiple fabrics, then cut apart and stitched back together. The first pieces in this section are a good example of this. These I refer to as my "stitched toile works".

The only goal that I set for myself when embarking on the Giverny residency was to fully engage in process, whatever that might be, and wherever it might take myself and the work. I continue to let the work expand as it evolves, allowing process to show me the way. I wrote more about the process on "Process" section of this website.

All of the photo on toile de Jouy works are unique works, none are editions. The larger works, and all of the stitched works, come stretched on stretcher bars like a painting. Please inquire for more information on specific works.

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