I starting focusing on portraiture early 2000s and created various portfolios from prints of these portraits with the intention of garnering more editorial work. I’ve always been interested in the physical tactile nature of things; even with photos, which are generally experienced as images, and not as objects. Drawing on my interest in collage, as well as performance I removed some portraits while in Berlin 2006 from a portfolio and began placing them in trees on the ground in the sky, and photographing them. They functioned in a similar way to the word pieces, both formally, and in the open ended poetic thrust of the work. Identities were mingled with nature, sometimes with the actual subject of the work. And in the case of the work "Maciek Mika in Munich rephotographed in Berlin 2008". These works encapsulate my desire to travel, to transcend. In Berlin I also started posting my work in the public realm (the last set of images in gallery) and letting time and weather take its course, as well as a stranger removing my work and replacing it with their own image (the Eva Longoria Magnum ice cream advertisement).

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