2022 BEDS

2022 was the year that I was able to once again move about more freely in the world. Back in 2020, while we were all hunkered down in our respective spaces, I would watch travel videos on YouTube and dream of once again being able to move freely in the world. To be enriched by the people, places, and experiences that I find stimulating and inspiring. The place of "landing" in any travel situation, in any new room in which I take temporary shelter, is the bed (I happen to like a very firm bed, for the record).  The bed is a place to sleep, to dream, to recharge. I wanted to create a portrait of my year; by the places that I was fortunate to travel to, and by the beds in which I slept. I've listed just the city and street for beds which took place in friends or family homes, the name of hotel when it was a hotel or apartment rental. I was fortunate enough to begin (and end) 2022 in my dear friend Susan's idyllic  Florida Keys home, along with her husband Dennis, and my closest friend Jim.

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