There are 2 different portrait options available:

1 Stitched portraits which incorporate a combination of multiple fabrics and hand stitching, into one portrait.

2 Single panel portraits which consist of your portrait printed on a single piece of patterned fabric (please refer to the particular portrait sections you are drawn to, for examples of that portrait type.)

Sizes & prices for toile de Jouy portraits incorporating hand stitching:

18" x 12" $7,500
18" x 24" $8,500
30" x 20" $12,000
45" x 30" $15,000
60" x 40" $20,000

Sizes & prices for single panel toile de Jouy portraits:

19" x 13" $6,000
24" x 18" $7,000
30" x 20" $8,000

Once you have booked your portrait session, please allow up to 90 minutes for the session. Tim works outdoors, in late day natural light. We are happy to share feedback on clothing options that Tim feels work best for the process, if you are interested.

Once photographed the subject will receive an edited selection of 3 images from which they choose, together with Tim, what their favorite image will be for the final piece.

Single panel toile portraits will be delivered within 60 days, stitched toile portraits will require up to 120 days (though sometimes the work can go faster)

Payment for all portraits is required in full at the time of booking, in order to confirm the booking.

Tim is currently based in Los Angeles. Local portrait sessions will require no travel expenses. For portraits requiring travel, flight and hotel are to be covered by the portrait subject. Please feel free to reach out with any relevant questions regarding commissions, including room installations like the Dior Tokyo Omotesando perfume room.

Portrait commissions also make wonderful gifts, and Tim Hailand studio can provide you with either a digital or physical portrait gift card

Please feel to contact us through the contact page, or directly through: